Try the Train is a new project which is fully funded by Northern Trains.

Working in collaboration with partners across the Northern network Bishop Line CRP are building a programme of sessions to help people feel more confident travelling by train.

The idea is that we will assist and accompany groups on a series of rail journeys, all of which will be supported by journey planning sessions that incorporate other forms of sustainable travel to and from the railway stations.

The aim is to enable increased independence amongst the participants.

Over a series of sessions the participants will become less supported by our Try The Train trainers and enjoy more independence.

We want to help reduce anxiety so each journey undertaken will be accompanied by a tailored information pack with details of routes and timings.

This will involve 4 workshop sessions with your group tailored to their needs but with themes of rail safety, how to use the trains, how to plan a journey and being able to do this independently by the 3rd workshop and journey but with me there as support.  Then each workshop will be followed by a journey on the trains. To find out more or register your group please follow the link to the official Try The Train website. 

Northern Staff