During the pandemic the partnership gave out free ‘friendly’ face coverings to passengers. They aimed to help increase passenger confidence when the government advised that people may use public transport where walking or cycling is not possible.

As the world started to open up again, and many of the population had been vaccinated, the number of people travelling by train along the Bishop Line began to increase, the partnership asked passengers to be mindful of fellow travellers.

During the past year passengers classed as key or essential workers have continued to use the train and have grown comfortable doing so, however passengers who have been shielding, homeworking or just not needed to travel, may find it daunting returning to train travel. This is where the partnership is asked for the help of its passengers to make everyone’s journey as friendly and comfortable as possible.

Through 2020 and 2021, and to coincide with World Mental Heath Day 2020 we ran a campaign to promote the benefits of smiling which we named Pass on a smile.

Pass on a Smile achieved 2nd Place for most effective communications campaign in the 2022 Community Rail Awards.

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Smiling is contagious   Smiling relieves stress

Smiling boosts your immune system   Smiling lowers blood pressure

Smiling releases serotonin   what makes you smile?