Our Line 2020

Our Line is Back!

“I never met my great grandmother Nora, but she hovers around the edges of my mother’s memory.  A tiny woman, she died when my mam was about 7. She remembers her baby teeth coming out at the time.  Nora’s story is woven into the landscape that you travel through from Darlington to Bishop Auckland on the train.”

Back in 2018 we enlisted the help of Luxi and the Jabberwocky Market to create a pop-up theatre event like no other. Hannah Bruce & Co created a wonderful story to listen to on a smart device whilst travelling on the Bishop Line from Darlington to Bishop Auckland.

It was a great success and the best news is, its back!

This year though there’s a new focus for Our Line, we’d like you get yourself comfortable at home, plug in your headphones, zone out from all distractions and just listen, you can even close your eyes.

To get your ticket and listen whenever you like, click through to the Jabberwocky Market website here


We hope you enjoy it, and please let us know what you think.

Our Line was created by Hannah Bruce & Co, commissioned by Luxi and presented as a Jabberwocky Market pop-up theatre event in partnership with Northern, the Bishop Line Community Rail Partnership & University of York.

All photos are from the event in 2018 and copyright Jonathan Pow/jp@jonathanpow.com