If you’re a regular rail traveller you’ll probably know what you’re looking for and have a preferred way to book already, but you may find some new products here, as our train operators are always developing new offers.

If you’re new to travelling by train or haven’t been on a train for a while we have some tips to make things easier.

  • Plan ahead where possible. If you book in advance you could save money, use this link to book an advanced tickets with Northern.
  • Use your phone as your ticket. Save time by planning your journey, purchasing your ticket, and get real time travel updates via the Northern app.
  • Commute when it suits you. If you used to commute to work everyday but now work partly from home, you could benefit from buying a Northern Flexi Season ticket.
  • Multi-mode travel.  Sometimes you’ll want to use both the train and the bus in one day, we have a ticket which means you can do just that on our special offers page.

Northern’s website has even more information on current ticket types for the Bishop Line – visit Northern’s site here.